Positive Thinking

Traditionally, positive thinking usually includes making repetitive positive affirmations to motivate the mind and performing daily meditation to calm the mind and body to deal with stress. All this takes time and effort and only a few people will stick to it and make a long-term commitment.

In the beginning it is common for those who have been thought to think “rationally” that positive thinking may be a nasty form of self-delusion that could ultimately clothe you into an unreality that could actually prevent success. Positive thinking does not exclude hard work and preparation however, positive thinking will be more rewarding when coupled with desire and action.

It is to be expected that there are many negative experiences occurring in life, which will affect us. An accumulation of these experiences can cause stress and inaction, which can affect our happiness, health and success. You are thinking negatively when you fear the future, put yourself down, criticize yourself for errors, doubt your abilities, or expect failure. Negative thinking damages confidence, harms performance and paralyzes action.

These negative thoughts can slip into our consciousness and do their damage unnoticed. If we do not challenge them, they can create harm and discomfort in our lives. The fist step to challenging those thoughts is to become aware of them.

Common negative thoughts:

Ø Feelings of inadequacy –”I am trained for this.”

Ø Worried that your performance is not good enough –”I am prepared to do an excellent job.” “ I am a good worker”.

Ø Any anxiety regarding things outside your control – “I have thought through any problems that might happen and I am confident I can handle them”.

Worried about other people’s thoughts about you – “I will rise above any unfair criticism with maturity and confidence.”


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