Adverbial Clause

Adverbial clause has a function to modify the verb.

Adverbial clause consist of :

  • Time,
  • As soon as he left, they cleaned the place.

  • Place,
  • We will stop where we can rest.

  • Cause or Reason,
  • Because you have done your work, you can go home now.

  • Contrast,
  • Although it is sunny, she still brings umbrella.

  • Comparison,
  • I can do it better than you can.

  • Condition,
  • If I were you, I would accept the job.

  • Purpose,
  • I wear my new shirt so that I would feel more comfortable.

  • Result,
  • My jeans are so tight that I feel uncomfortable.

  • Manner,
  • He ran as if he had chased by a rabid dog.



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