The Effects of Sunglasses

Sunglasses can block from 20% to 90% of sunlight entering our eyes! Many people who I’ve consulted have received a huge boost of better sleep and energy throughout the day simply from wearing their sunglasses less often, or eliminating the use of sunglasses completely.

Naturally, sunlight can be damaging to our eyes in certain circumstances. Natural sunlight is composed of many different types of light, including UV (Ultra Violet) light which can be very harmful. Over exposure to UV light is a leading cause of skin cancer and cataract (break down of the lenses in our eyes).

However, most people who wear sunglasses wear them when they don’t even need to. UV radiation depends on the time of day; it’s highest in the noon hours. Usually, the higher the sun is in the sky, the higher the UV radiation. UV radiation is lowest during sunrise and sunset. Also, the closer you live to the equator, the higher the UV radiation you’re exposed to on a daily level.

Try to minimize your use of sunglasses, and use your common sense as to when they may be appropriate. If you currently wear sunglasses all day, you are minimizing the amount of sunlight entering your eyes, which is affecting your body temperature rhythm.



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