I Just Wanna Play Golf

The entire concept of success planning in practices is misunderstood and maligned. Players often say, “ I don’t want to be restricted to record keeping of my goals and my progress, I just wanna play golf”.

I agree, as I too don’t want to keep volumes of records before and after practice and after a competition. But, success planning can be used as a guide, a discipline, and a motivator to allow the player more success than they may be presently experiencing.

First, let’s get one thing straight… a season plan or weekly plan should be guidelines and motivators not handcuffs for players. If plans become too specific and detailed in form, I think they can actually take something out of the performance of the player.

We will change a little concept of “practice” this season. Each one of you will be getting a notebook. I want to use this book as a performance mechanism. First by setting realistic yet challenging goals that will increase motivation. If you need a little push to practice regularly or to work on specific aspects of your game during practice. If you have a specific goal or result from your practice in mind it will offer you an incentive to do what is needed to get the job done. We all need motivation occasionally. Second, having clear goals will direct your efforts. If you are aiming for something, like a certain score or average or placing in a tournament, having the objective will either make it clear that your efforts at practice are paying off or you are spinning your wheels. With this in mind maybe that part of your game doesn’t need quick improvement. Success is the result of magnificent dreams becoming reality through success planning and hard work.

When we start the season we dream of going to state, or winning the conference championship or making the all conference team. To obtain this we have to be able to measure our success and our failures pertaining to your individual goals. How do we measure this? You have to set your own goals like, hitting the fairway 10 times in an 18 hole round, or 12 greens in regulation, or under 28 putts. These are the measurable goals you can control by working your practice time to obtain these goals.

We are going to structure our practices this year for your success planning. Instead of making you hit 100 range balls on the range for really no reason, you will hit shots that you need to work on. Putting and chipping is still a must. We want you to practice like you play but add some competition to your practice by making competitive games out of your practice goals. This is motivation for success. Try those shots you are afraid to hit in a meet. The coaching staff will circulate the practice to help you on anything you need to work on. Coach Movrich and myself feel that this type of practice will benefit each one of you more than traditional practices. Once the season starts we really don’t have that many days of team practice. Much of it is done by you on your own and away from team practice. The only catch is that you… have to want to get better… become a better success planner on your game, measure your goals weekly and document them and use whatever motivational techniques that keeps you on task.

Remember, “To Be A Champion”, you must act like one and practice like one.



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